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【免費商業App】Weave - Local Networking-APP點子

Weave is LinkedIn meets Tinder – simply swipe left or right to meet local professionals and grow your professional network. App features:

• Conveniently use LinkedIn to create your Weave account

• Filter and search professionals by city, neighborhood, title, and industry

• Browse other professionals and swipe right on those you want to meet

• Chat in-app when both users express an interest to meet

【免費商業App】Weave - Local Networking-APP點子

• Join different “Rooms” for specific networking needs (i.e. the Hiring Room is for job candidates and recruiters)

• There are 5 different Rooms: General Networking, Fundraising, Hiring, Looking for Co-Founder and Services

• Call an Uber directly from the Weave app to pick you up for your meeting!

• Free to join, free to use

General Networking Room

【免費商業App】Weave - Local Networking-APP點子

Looking to connect with more professional people in your community but not sure who to connect with? If so, join Weave's General Networking Room to meet other like-minded, local professional in your community. Expanding your professional network has never been easier - simply join the General Networking Room and start swiping on professionals who are experts within their field (marketing, advertising, business development, sales, product, strategy, research, etc). Conveniently use Weave to connected with like-minded, successful, and interesting people anytime, anywhere. LinkedIn is so 1990s, start Weaving!

Fundraising Room

The Weave Fundraising Room is great for people who are looking to raise money for a new business or fundraise for a specific cause. Join this room to meet venture capitalists who are looking for the next big idea and like-minded people who are passionate about solving the same problem. Don't limit your potential for success just because fundraising from cold-calling venture capitalists on LinkedIn is ineffective, attempting to meet every investor at every event and conference is nearly impossible or trying to join the right incubator can be a lengthy and unsuccessful process. Meet more venture capitalists anywhere, anytime with the Weave app.


Over 70% of jobs are found through networking - The Weave Hiring Room is a great place to meet hiring managers and recruiters from the best companies in your area. It's also easy to use, just enter the Weave Hiring Room and identify yourself as either a Candidate or Recruiter. If you are a candidate, include a short blurb that describes what you are looking for and what type of skills you can bring to your next job. If you are a recruiter or hiring manager, include a short description of the role and the type of candidate you are looking for in your blurb. Stop applying to jobs through company websites, your resume goes straight to the bottom! Stop emailing people who never answer you back on LinkedIn. There is so much more in a good job candidate than what is reflected in his or her resume. Meet and build real relationships with real people on Weave.

【免費商業App】Weave - Local Networking-APP點子

Looking for a CoFounder Room

Are you a hungry entrepreneur but still looking for the right cofounder to take your idea the next level? With Weave's CoFounder room you can now connect and find a passionate cofounder in your community who shares the same vision as you. Simply, join the CoFounder room and describe what your startup does and what you are looking for in a cofounder within the blurb. Start swiping right on people who you think would be a good fit as a cofounder, chat in the Weave app and setup a time to meet. You never know, your next business partner may be one swipe away...

Can’t attend that big conference? No problem, use Weave’s “Happening Now” feature to ‘virtually’ attend the conference and network with actual attendees.

Have a private networking event or conference? Want to give your attendees the flexibility to network before, during and after the event? Contact Weave (hello@weave.in) to create a private networking Room only accessible with an invite code.

【免費商業App】Weave - Local Networking-APP點子

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