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【免費街機App】Typescape - the typing game-APP點子

A huge block is falling over a trapped man! Your mission is to try giving him enough time to escape by delaying the fall of the huge block.

Using your quick thumbs and superb typing skill, type the word appears beneath the man as quickly and as accurately as you are able to. With each correctly typed word, the block would move up by little, but not for long. The block would start falling again. Achieve high scores and share with your friends. This is the ultimate test of your reflexes, your concentration, your skills, and your endurance.

You can save him....or can you?

Let us know if you run into problem with the game.

【免費街機App】Typescape - the typing game-APP點子

【免費街機App】Typescape - the typing game-APP點子

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