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【免費工具App】BS Authenticator-APP點子

This is a simple wireless authenticator for blue socket wireless authentication systems. This app is not by the blue socket company and receives no support from them either. All support regarding the app can be made to me. It is completely in beta and does have many bugs. Since many networks work differently it would be best if you were to contact me to fix the issues. The application however, should always connect if you manually click on connect now.


1. Enter username and password and click on (Save Credentials)

【免費工具App】BS Authenticator-APP點子

2. While NOT AUTHENTICATED to the blue socket server click on (Get URL) to get the server to which the app will connect to.

3. Select either http or https from the radio buttons

4. Click (Save Credentials)

5. Click (Connect Now) to attempt the connection.

Autoconnection still is hit or miss though since many phones do not respond to network changes in the same manner.

This was my first ever android app and I will not be updating or developing it anymore. It is published simply for anyone whom it might work for.

I had previously unpublished this app, but after one year I see that some people still have it installed so I have republished the app.

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